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IES 2019  

Israel Education Summit

In the 4th and 5th of June 2019, I was invited to be a partner and interview leaders in the EdTech industry from around the world in the Israel Education Summit in Tel Aviv. , and it's an excellent opportunity to say thank you Yakki Dayan, CEO of EdTech Israel for inviting us and for the great Summit and to Hila Shaked, our producer that made the magic happen.

I had the chance to interview people from different parts of the world and with different positions and points of view.

It's an excellent episode to get a glimpse of the EdTech world, to get a broad perspective and a starting point. We had limited time to talk, and so there is much more to cover.

ב-4 ו-5 ביוני 2019 הוזמנתי להיות שותף ולראיין מובילים בתעשיית הטכנולוגיה החינוכית מכל העולם שהגיעו לכנס IES. הכנס הוא פרי יוזמת EdTech  ישראל, מיזם Social Impact חברתי שהוקם לשלב את ישראל בתחום הטכנולוגיה החינוכית. הזדמנות טובה להגיד תודה ליקי דיין, מנכ"ל EdTech ישראל על ההזמנה והכנס המוצלח, תודה גם להילה שקד המפיקה בשטח שגרמה לקסם להתרחש.

היתה לי את ההזדמנות לראיין אנשים ממקומות שונים בעולם, תפקידים ונקודות מבט שונות.

אלו הם פרקים טובים כדי לקבל הצצה לתעשיית הטכנולוגיה החינוכית בעולם, לקבל פרספקטיבה רחבה ונקודת התחלה. היה לנו זמן מוגבל לשיחות ולכן קחו בחשבון שיש עוד הרבה מה לכסות בתחום.

Utkarsh is a digital media and EdTech entrepreneur running EdTech Review – a premier media platform and community for educational stakeholders to find useful news, information, and resources on educational technology. We talked about main trends in EdTech and how AI technologies serve education goals and recommendation for educational entrepreneurs that want to go globally.

Matt is an attorney in Colley's Education, Technology and Privacy security group. He focused on assisting educational companies with a wide verity of legal and market issues. We sat to talk about the main things that an early-stage EdTech company should take into consideration in the legal aspect.  

Willa is a Partner in a new social impact investments fund, Haskala Partners, focused on venture-ready Israeli technology companies that can help drive access, equity and outcomes in global execution. We talked about the Social impact ventures and the USA EdTech market.

Mike is the founder of EdTech Asia, a community network and consultancy organization that provides education market intelligence, business development and research services for Asian markets. We talked about the challenges and opportunities in the Asia market.

Juliette is very passionate about connecting people to bridge education exchanges between the East and West and expand education opportunities globally. Juliette consults and helps EdTech companies and startups enter the Chinees market. We talked about the Chinees Education system and got tips about what is needed to get your startup into the Chinees market. 

Yoshi has over 20 years of managing and directing artificial intelligence and data0intensive ventures. In SHO-zemi innovation Ventures he supports a community of practice including front-line teachers, leading educational researchers and new ventures passionate about finding new ways to learn with forward-thinking educational technology. We talked about what AI (Artificial Inelegance) has for educators and what he wants to know when he meets with entrepreneurs.

Talent Garden creates campuses to empower digital tech communities and connect them globally: coworking spaces, digital training, and networking. Giulia leads the Innovation School in Talent Garden; they got different courses for professional development and even coding courses for kids. We talked about the innovation schools, how they measure their success, what they focus on, and why they teach kids. 

Selina education is building the world’s first nomadic-progressive education system, (k-life). Shira has an M.Sc in applied research, her research focused on creating and implementing the natural learning process with an emphasis on nature and personal connection. We talked about nomadic lifestyle and the opportunities in education from K to Life, how will it work when you don't have to be in one place to learn in school, even when you are in elementary. 

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