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Mike Michalec - Managing Director, EdTech Asia

Mike Michalec - Managing Director, EdTech Asia

Mike is the founder of EdTech Asia, a community network and consultancy organization that provides education market intelligence, business development and research services for Asian markets. We talked about the challenges and opportunities in the Asia market, EdTech Asia Goals, and what startup Mike is passionate about.

Persona Podcast is the Israeli lead Podcast about innovation in education, the podcast host is Niv Morgenstern, Educational Entrepreneur, podcast creator and a Learning experience designer.

IES2019 - June 4+5 2019 @ Rabin Center, Tel Aviv. The fourth annual Israel Education Summit brought 1,000 industry leaders from all around the globe to the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv.


EdTech Asia:

EdTech Israel:


Tell us what you think about the podcast and if you want to hear about Israel Innovation in education in English, write to us at

מייק מיכאלק הוא המייסד של EdTech Asia, ארגון מייעץ וקהילה המספקת ייעוץ, פיתוח עסקי עבור השוק האסיתי. דיברנו על האתגרים וההזדמנויות בשוק האסיתי, המטרות של EdTech Asia ומייק שיתף על סטרטאפ שמרתק אותו.

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